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Photography has always been my passion, a basic means for the voyage of discovery that has accompanied me to this day ...

An ideal way to trigger curiosity and translate immediately the elements I catch in a fragment,an “adventure companion” that feeds me the fascination of discovery every time I find myself observing and interpreting with my eye ... 

When time oppresses us or seems to escape us, sometimes it is a second to save us. 

It is the miracle of the moment and sometimes of the place in which one finds oneself.

When time is "running out" or seems to escape us, sometimes it is the miracle of the moment that can save us.

The fleeting time of seeing something, stopping the instant that is as if there was an "emotional extension" of what you just saw and the shot you made ... I believe that this is the prerogative that makes the art of photography unique

I am inspired by everything that Nature in her universe manifests to us.

Nature is inalienable, it is constantly changing, it transforms, merges and harmonizes matter, in all its 4 elements. She lives and continues to do so, and that's what she has been doing for millennia.

Despite what is taken away from her, stolen and “polluted”, she continues her course, "dressing shapes" in every season, creating wonderful things that can be recognized and captured through the lens of the reflex.

My true intention lies in following intuition, observing and photographing anything that life itself suggests to me.

In every moment that I find myself taking pictures it is essential for me, not only the visual setting but also the surrounding sound (the sound of water, the rustle of the wind, distant or close sounds ...) that I find myself in front of a field of wheat lit by the sun or a square with cement wet from the rain ...

Lights and shadows are the "environmental interlocutors" of the dialogue with my eye and my soul.

Each photo that I present is aimed at the observer with the filter of his sensitivity, depending on the subject or the context of the moment that could fascinate him.


 “Whatever excites me, for whatever reason, I photograph it; I don't look for unusual subjects but I also make commonplaces unusual "(Edward Weston)

Giovanni Bigazzi

Maggio 2021