Born in Florence, where he lives and works, Giovanni Bigazzi has always combined his passion for photography to the music, so to be considered the first "music for the eyes", as, in his opinion, the evocative power of one unit is assimilated to that exciting sound.
In the mid-nineties, not yet twenty, Giovanni Bigazzi begins to express his curiosity about the colors and reflections of Nature: realizes impromptu photographs along country roads and the sea moving with the motor, or by walking through the woods and beaches and leaving surprised by the views, the particular, from the images of the surrounding environment.
In the early 2000s comes into contact with the world of contemporary Tuscan thanks to the encounter with the essential artist and professor Massimo Innocenti creator of the magazine "SILERE": from here begins intensive research in his photographic work leading to participation in exhibitions with installations of environmental art.

From 2007 to 2014 he attended a professional photography course at the Libera accademia di Belle Arti, taking part in workshops, mainly in nature photography and reportage, with various photographers.

In recent years Giovanni Bigazzi began to present his photographs in various Italian cities and abroad with solo exhibitions: his work also makes use of music as an integral part of some of its projects, which creates a dynamic combination between picture and sound.
A recent example is the exhibition Aura, installation of images and music at the Luz Gallery in Florence.

Here are some of the major exhibitions that he was the protagonist:

In 2015 is curator with Massimo Innocenti, of Ventum ... un'apertura d'ali, show / event of visual art and music, Forte Belvedere, Florence
In 2014 he participated in the first Biennial of Creativity in Verona with one of his works.
In 2013 he held his first exhibition of photographs with music, entitled "Aura".
In 2012 makes the first installation of visual art along with paintings of Zelijko Pavlovic.
Between 2009 and 2011 he collaborated with the "Gallery Tannaz" of Florence.
Since 2009 he collaborates with the AICS Florence, in various cultural initiatives.

Giovanni Bigazzi continues his photographic research has always been fascinated by the scenarios of Nature and by plots of Matter, in its innumerable details. Accompanied by her digital SLR camera body and the film captures the details that reality offers him, identifying shapes and match, contrast and rhythmic alternation of light and shadow, harmonies of shapes and shades, leaving short, that the nature in its many scenarios and the reality in all its aspects will make interpreters of his deep feeling.

He currently works as record producer in the independent label GB MUSIC.

Photography has always been my passion, a basic means for the voyage of discovery that has accompanied me to this day ...

An ideal way to trigger curiosity and translate immediately the elements I catch in a fragment,an “adventure companion” that feeds me the fascination of discovery every time I find myself observing and interpreting with my eye ... 

When time oppresses us or seems to escape us, sometimes it is a second to save us. 

It is the miracle of the moment and sometimes of the place in which one finds oneself.

When time is "running out" or seems to escape us, sometimes it is the miracle of the moment that can save us.

The fleeting time of seeing something, stopping the instant that is as if there was an "emotional extension" of what you just saw and the shot you made ... I believe that this is the prerogative that makes the art of photography unique

I am inspired by everything that Nature in her universe manifests to us.

Nature is inalienable, it is constantly changing, it transforms, merges and harmonizes matter, in all its 4 elements. She lives and continues to do so, and that's what she has been doing for millennia.

Despite what is taken away from her, stolen and “polluted”, she continues her course, "dressing shapes" in every season, creating wonderful things that can be recognized and captured through the lens of the reflex.

My true intention lies in following intuition, observing and photographing anything that life itself suggests to me.

In every moment that I find myself taking pictures it is essential for me, not only the visual setting but also the surrounding sound (the sound of water, the rustle of the wind, distant or close sounds ...) that I find myself in front of a field of wheat lit by the sun or a square with cement wet from the rain ...

Lights and shadows are the "environmental interlocutors" of the dialogue with my eye and my soul.

Each photo that I present is aimed at the observer with the filter of his sensitivity, depending on the subject or the context of the moment that could fascinate him.


 “Whatever excites me, for whatever reason, I photograph it; I don't look for unusual subjects but I also make commonplaces unusual "(Edward Weston)

Giovanni Bigazzi

Maggio 2021

Main exhibitions

Born in Florence in 1977, where he currently lives and works.

Giovanni Bigazzi has always had a shared passion for music and photography.

He believes that “Photography is music for the eyes”.

In 2001 he discovers the world of collective art exhibits thanks to the important encounter with painter and teacher Massimo Innocenti, and his association “Silere”.

From 2004 he works in the editing and the production for the music label GB Music.

He attends a professional photograhy course at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in


From 2009 to 2011 Bigazzi collaborates with the “Galleria Tannaz” in Florence.

In 2012 he does the first installation of his photographs alongside Zelijko Pavlovic’s paintings.

In 2013 he does his first exhibition of photographs with musical theme, entitled "Aura".

In 2014 he takes part at the art fair  “Biennale della Creatività” in Verona with one of his work.

2015  Second Biennial of Art in Palermo.
            Selected among the participating artists, with the photographic work "Un solo intreccio".

2015  Il bianco non è un colore.
           Collective art exhibition, Palazzo Casali, Cortona.
            Curated by Sabrina Massini under the patronage of the city of Cortona.
2015  Ventum…un’apertura d’ali.
           Exhibition / event of visual art and music. Forte Belvedere, Florence.
            Curated by Giovanni Bigazzi and Massimo Innocenti under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence
2016  NOI...
           Collective art exhibition, Caffè Michelangiolo, Florence
            Curated by Andrea Del Carria and Massimo Innocenti

2016  Geografia di confine
          Collective art exhibition, Villa Pecori Giraldi, Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence)

Biennale of Creativity, Verona
Selected for the photography section with his work "In the Temple".

The Continuous Elsewhere
Exhibition of visual art collective, Merlin Bottega d'Arte, Florence. By Massimo Innocenti and Angelo Minisci.

AURA.. The breath of the atmosphere.
Personal exhibition of photography with music, Luz Gallery, Florence. Edited by Angelo and Massimo Innocenti Minisci

Installation of photography and painting, Luz Gallery, Florence. By Massimo Innocenti.

Exhibition of visual art collective, Tannaz Gallery, Florence. By Massimo Innocenti.

The Landscape
Exhibition of visual art collective, Civico69 Gallery, Florence.

Exhibition of visual art collective, Gallery Tannaz, Firenze.A by Massimo Innocenti.

Group exhibition of photography, exhibition hall in Piazza Mino, Fiesole. By Massimo Innocenti.

The Far Side Of The Sea
Personal photographic exhibition, Galerie de Paris, Margutta, Rome.


Exhibition of visual art collective, Galeriè Marc de Puechredon, Basel, Svizzera, in collaborazion with  Galleria d’Arte 18, Bologna.

The exhibition of young artists, Cloister Of The Lambs, Florence.

Personal photographic exhibition, Art-Cafe "Extra", Rome.

Marte Live
Selected to the semifinals for the Photography section. With its exposure carried out at the 'Art-Cafe "Arci Bitte", Milan.

The Sound In Time
Personal photographic exhibition, Art Gallery 18, Bologna.

Giovanni Bigazzi
Personal photographic exhibition, Galerie de Paris, Margutta, Rome.

Towards the mountains of perfumes
Montefiesole (FI), Fifth Edition. Collective art exhibition organized by the magazine "Silere" by Massimo Innocenti..

Towards the mountains of perfumes
Collective art exhibition organized by the magazine "Silere" by Massimo Innocenti.

The essence of the look
Villa Caruso, Signa (FI). Environmental art installation in the park of Villa Caruso, edited the magazine "Silere" by Massimo Innocenti.

Towards the mountains of perfumes
Montefiesole (FI), Second Edition. Collective art exhibition organized by the magazine "Silere" by Massimo Innocenti.